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Overseas Medical Insurance

If you are living, working, or visiting abroad, you know that having an accident or falling seriously ill during the period can be a scary thing. This is especially true if you don't speak the local language or know about the healthcare system in depth. For these reasons, it is important to secure yourself with overseas medical insurance before you take off. Don't risk something unexpected happening, cover yourself by getting a quote for overseas medical insurance now.

Compare International Health Insurance

Please take your time to review the different international health insurance providers, expat health insurance plans, apply online or request a free, no obligation quote.

Bupa Global

Bupa Global

Bupa is the largest overseas medical insurance company in the world and offers some of the most affordable family health insurance quotes. Its wide network of international intermediaries and partners make it possible for Bupa to carry on with its commitment towards service perfection.

- enhanced vaccination cover

- high outpatient limits

- emergency dental coverage

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CIGNA Global

CIGNA Global

Cigna Global has been a player in the overseas medical insurance world for more than 30 years and they are dedicated to ensuring your health and wellbeing while living abroad

- Extra benefits and comprehensive core cover plans specialized for worldwide health insurance

- Wide range of services, benefits and plans for worldwide medical care

- Easy access to reliable medical assistance available 24/7

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Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide

Offering topnotch overseas medical insurance for more than six decades now is Clements Worldwide. Allied with HTH Worldwide in delivering reliable customer service and claims handling system.

- chiropractic care

- enhanced global cover

- quick processing of claims

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IMG's  private oversease medical insurance 'GlobalSelect' is an annual, renewable plan available to anyone all over the globe

- Benefits available in four different levels

- Find many excess options to suit you

- Suited for a wide range of budgets and needs

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Guides & Articles for Overseas Medical Insurance

Comparing International Health Insurance Policies

1. Check whether the health insurance policy covers you in all locations. If you are a frequent business traveller, check that you are covered for vaccinations and medical treatment whilst outside your place of residence, including additional costs you may incur for accommodation and travel
Why Choose Bupa
Why Choose Bupa

With Bupa Global, you join one of the leading international health insurance companies. Find out more now!

US Expat Tax Filing
US Expat Tax Filing

US expats are expected to continue filing taxes in the US even while living abroad. Get expert help to prepare your tax today.

Compare Offshore Savings Plans
Compare Offshore Savings Plans

Learn about the benefits of an offshore savings account and determine which company will be best for your needs.

Get Free Removals Quotes
Get Free Removals Quotes

Get fast and easy quotes, from several moving companies. Full Service World-Wide Removals.

Articles & Guides

  • Understanding Insurance Issues when You Move Overseas
  • Does PMI Work In Disaster Zones?
  • The importance of health insurance whilst studying in Europe
  • What to Look For In an International Health Insurance Company

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Private medical insurance is a top concern for those moving abroad, and for good reason. Expat medical insurance is not all created equally, and some health insurance policies are better suited for student health insurance, while some are best for those looking for cheap health insurance. Whatever your needs, ExpatFinder has a variety of expat health insurance and medical insurance partners ready for your call with the best international health insurance advice and private health insurance policies for any budget. Health care and insurance is important for all expats, from a student looking for health cover insurance to expat families seeking budget health policies. Insurance is our top priority at ExpatFinder, you will find everything you need here.

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